Boutique Whitening 
Teeth naturally yellow and discolour over the years, but staining is made worse by such things as smoking, tea, coffee and red wine. Tooth Whitening, carried out at home using our custom-made flexible trays and gel, gently lightens enamel and dentine leaving your teeth cleaner and brighter, so you can look years younger when you smile. 
Firstly, impressions or a scan of the patient’s lower and upper teeth are taken, and then these are forwarded to the laboratory technician, who in turn casts up specially made whitening trays. On your next visit, these trays are fitted and instructions given on how to use the technique before the kit is taken home. At home, the trays can be worn for several short periods during the day or overnight, with a small amount of whitening gel inside. The trays are thin and comfortable, almost forming a clear skin over the teeth, and should not interfere with normal pursuits. The process is quick and risk-free. In just under five days, you can notice the difference. 
The shade of the teeth is noted before and after treatment, with photos also to show how effective the technique is. 
How much whiter will my teeth look? 
This varies from individual to individual. Some people respond very well to teeth whitening and have dramatically whiter teeth as a result, whereas others may notice very little difference at all. Your dentist will be able to advise you on the likely results given your teeth. 
Does it hurt? What are the side effects of teeth whitening? 
Some people experience no pain or sensitivity with their teeth. However, the majority of people will experience some kind of sensitivity either during and/or after the initial treatment. This is usually mild and short-lived and should settle down after approximately 48 hours though. Your dentist may recommend a special gel or mousse to apply to your teeth to help with the sensitivity. It is advisable to avoid hot or cold food and drinks within the first 48 hours of your whitening treatment 
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