About Us

Welcome to Courtyard Dental Practice. We are an attentive and compassionate practice staffed by dentists and dental care professionals with high standards of care.

Over 15 Years of Dental Care in Essex

The Courtyard Dental Practice first opened our doors in the lovely market town of Saffron Walden in 2007. At that time we were equipped with a single surgery. We have grown immensely since those early days. Our practice now consists of five surgeries over three levels. We have multiple dentists and hygienists, providing gentle, safe, and effective dentistry in a contemporary and relaxed environment.

Providing Exceptional Oral Health and Dentistry for Our Patients

Our main aim is working with our patients in the prevention of dental disease, and helping patients maintain their natural teeth for life wherever possible.

If interventions are needed, our high-end dental practice provides a full range of dental treatments to repair, replace or improve your existing natural teeth. At our dental practice, we can offer a variety of services, including white fillings, veneers, crowns, implants, Invisalign teeth straightening, composite bonding, EMS Biofilm Therapy and facial aesthetic treatment.

Every treatment we offer in our UK dental practice is performed to high standards. Our meticulous team of highly qualified dentists perform these dental services regularly, offering our patients beautiful results and healthier smiles.

Bespoke Dental Care for Every Patient

Every patient is different, making each dental treatment we conduct unique in some way. While the procedures themselves are similar, we take extra care to ensure any restorations or cosmetic dental work are customised just for you.

We take the time to get to know you, your preferences and how to make your visits more pleasant. It is important to us that we know our patients, as it helps us provide the best care and bespoke treatment.

Every smile we help perfect has details unique to the patient. Whether it is colour-matching a restoration to your natural teeth, making a restorative appliance to be a perfect fit for your mouth or helping whiten your teeth to a specific shade, we tailor our approach to treatment to what is best for you.

You Are the Decision-Maker with Your Dental Treatments

Our dedicated team will ensure that your visit to the dentist is a stress-free, pleasant and relaxed experience. Though our team of dental professionals are the experts in providing treatment and care, we will never make a decision without you. We are very transparent with reporting any issues we see in your mouth.

We always take the time to discuss all of your treatment options and address any concerns or questions you may have. Our team is committed to helping you take care of your teeth, which includes giving you all the information you need to understand a dental issue and make an informed choice about which treatment plan is best for you.

Dental Practice Access and Parking for Our Patients

We are proud to offer an accessible location and building for our patients. For those with mobility issues, our ground floor surgery is accessible for you. We also have a dedicated disabled parking space for your convenience.

For patients coming for an appointment, there is meter parking outside the practice or public car parks close by too.

We Look Forward to Providing You With Exceptional Dental Care

Our patients deserve the best treatment and care available, and that’s what we strive to deliver for every patient on each visit to our UK dental practice. Please schedule your next appointment soon, so we can impress you with our high standards and quality results.