As anyone who has ever had toothache or invasive dental work will know, prevention is always better than cure. It is without doubt the most important aspect of dentistry and our aim is to prevent the need for dental treatment by increasing awareness of dental disease and educating patients to avoid it. Regular and thorough examinations are essential to pick up the first signs of decay (caries) and gum disease (periodontal disease) before they cause significant harm. We coach our patients in caring for their teeth, the aim being keeping teeth for life. Oral cancer is becoming increasingly common and regular dental check-ups can help in its early diagnosis thereby greatly increasing the chances of successful treatment. 
We therefore encourage our clients to make regular visits, offering them the reassurance their oral health is being expertly and frequently monitored and that any necessary treatment will be as minimal as possible. 
Anxious Patients 
For those of a nervous disposition who genuinely cannot face the thought of a trip to the dentist why not give Courtyard Dental Practice a try? We promise our professional, friendly, experienced staff will dispel any fears and worries once and for all. 
A beautiful smile speaks volumes. We can help patients achieve that confidence-boosting, life-changing smile through our superb range of cosmetic treatments which combine science and artistry. These gentle techniques are used to produce dramatic changes in appearance. 
Tooth Coloured Fillings 
Crowns (all porcelain) 

Dear patients 

Virtual consultations 

We are still offering virtual consultations for all our patients 
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