Dental Implants Saffron Walden, Essex

Our Dental implants service in Essex can help make your smile healthy and whole again, turning your grin into one of your best assets.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a surgical component, typically made of titanium, which is placed into the upper or lower jaw. Our dental implants Essex service serve as root replacements for missing teeth, providing a foundation for new teeth – either a crown, bridge or denture, as needed.

Every dental implant we place is different to meet the specific needs of each patient. Please schedule a visit to Courtyard Dental, an expert Essex-based dental implants practice if you have missing teeth or have an intolerable tooth that needs to be extracted. If missing teeth or an uncomfortable denture keep you from smiling, dental implants may be the treatment you need.

Why You Should Consider Our Essex Dental Implant Service

A healthy smile projects confidence, warmth, and openness to all who see it. There are many benefits to dental implant treatment, as they:
Dental implants create a permanent solution for restoring your smile. Though the false tooth that sits on top of the denture may eventually need replacing, implants seldom need to be replaced.

Dental Implant Essex Consultation and Assessment

The first stage of an implant is a consultation to discuss your individual needs and expectations of the proposed treatment. During your dental implant consultation, we assess your dental condition and outline the treatment options available to you.

Most implants require a CBCT scan, which helps us plan the best placement for your dental implants. We use this complex X-ray to make a 3D model of your mouth, so the bone can be accurately measured. This part of the dental implant process enables us to definitively diagnose whether an implant is a suitable option. From this information, we construct a full and detailed dental implant treatment plan for you.

Possible Additional Surgeries Before Our Dental Implant Essex Treatment

To securely place a dental implant, it may be necessary to place artificial bone or undergo work on the sinus beforehand. We can determine if you need a bone graft or other treatment during the review of your CBCT scan. If an additional surgery is required before we can place a dental implant, this information will be included in your proposed treatment plan.

Dental Implant Surgery is Not as Scary as You May Think

Our elite team of dentists and dental practitioners always make sure our patients are informed and comfortable before starting any treatment. Placing the dental implant is a surgical dental treatment; we take all the proper precautions, including the use of gowns, drapes and specialist equipment. Everything in our dental surgery is sterile, and the demeanour of our dentists help patients feel at ease throughout the implant procedure.

Many patients report that the days after implant placement are much more comfortable than a normal dental extraction.

Healing After Dental Implant Surgery

After we place the dental implant, we leave it to heal for a period of months, so the implant can fuse securely to the jawbone. During this period, you may even forget that the implant is there! As the implant heals, we can fill the gap in your smile with a temporary denture.

Once you are fully healed, we begin the exciting process of restoring the dental implant. The head is uncovered, and we place the healing caps to shape the gum tissue, making it ready to receive the crown, bridge or denture. We will take impressions of the area and send it off to the dental technician. They will make a false tooth that is shaped and coloured to match your existing teeth, giving you a natural looking smile.

When you and the dentist are happy with the restoration, the new teeth are fitted, and your smile is restored.

Taking Care of Your New Dental Implant

After placing a dental implant, we advise our patients to book regular visits with the dentist. This ensures your continued satisfaction with the treatment and allows us to help you care for your new tooth. An implant still needs to be looked after like natural teeth, and regular visits to the hygienist are always recommended.

Contact Us for an Implant Consultation

We want our patients to have smiles that they are proud to show off. If you are interested in learning more about dental implants, please reach out to our Essex dental implants practice to learn more about this treatment.